Through strategy, creative and technology, we design beautiful websites, apps, and brand experiences that engage today’s consumer.

We are a user-centered. We design functionally beautiful digital and UI / UX experiences that engage today’s consumer. Through inspired design, we build meaningful and profitable relationships between brands and consumers. At Streetlight, we believe in creating experiences that are exceedingly functional and visually appealing
— we call it functionally beautiful. We follow a User-Centered Design (USD) approach and are focused on designing interfaces based on human tendencies. We have a deep empathy for consumers and a passion for approaching challenges with smart, well-considered design.


Your brand is important. We help companies make connections with consumers. We create visually appealing brand identities, including logos, print materials, and advertising campaigns. We craft a unified language to tell your story.


Our UX services include Information Architecture (IA) development, UX mapping, wireframing, and sitemaps. Our goal is to enhance user satisfaction through intelligent interactions between user and product.


Bring your vision to life. We build responsive Websites, e-Commerce site, and mobile and Web Apps in HTML, CSS, and Javascript. We build complex apps using PHP, MVC frameworks, Wordpress, and custom Content Management Systems (CMS).


Information is critical to good design. We use a research-driven process to create personas, use cases, and scenarios. We focus deeply on understanding the people we are designing for and how they use products — to fully understand their needs.


We conceptualize and prototype design solutions that align with specific business objectives. Our design work goes deeper than pretty pixels. We design intuitive interfaces for web, mobile, tablet and other digital platforms based on human behavior.